Top 16 Tech Blogs and Sites – How New Tech Will Grow Your Business

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Do you love new technology?

As a technology startup, we are always talking about the latest and greatest programs, gadgets, and businesses.

Whether you’re in a technician profession or not, you still need to have a few minutes each week to remain updated about the most recent technology in your area.

Why? It can allow you to grow your business!

There are new things coming out daily to help you reduce costs, get more clients, and improve your overall business health. If you are not staying on top of new technology, know that your opponents are.

Another bonus? Following tech blogs gives you a steady stream of great ideas that could serve as inspiration to your next million-dollar project. Keep in mind, the closer you are to innovation the more innovative you become!

TechCrunch is one of the world’s most well-known sources for keeping up with technology information from around the globe. They specialize in providing startup information in a really approachable and laid-back style.

Our favorite:

Crunch Report – If you like knowing about new tech products and companies before your peers, then this is the very best way to stay up to date. Daily videos (2-5 minutes ) covering the greatest TechCrunch tales and startup information, so you never forget a thing.

Recode is known for having some of the most informed and respected journalists in media and technology. It’s a excellent resource for independent tech information, reviews and analysis.

Our favorite:

Trending Now – To get a quick dose of technology news, when you would like to read only the best, the top 10 trending posts are in your disposal for simple access.

If you are interested in the science of technologies, Futurism is for you. Their information, infographics and videos insure the future of humankind, AI, renewable energy, robotics, and virtual reality.

Our favorite:

Infographics – Are you a visual learner? Futurism infographics are a perfect means to understand complicated engineering in a more readable format.

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