PageCloud’s unique Shutterstock integration – Try before you buy

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Beautiful graphics will be the backbone of every good looking site.

And if you don’t have access to an expert photographer, then you have to rely on stock pictures.

For decades, the practice of getting those gorgeous pictures on a website was less-than-ideal.

The new procedure for incorporating stock images
Now, as a result of PageCloud’s brand new integration using Shutterstock, the procedure for searching, previewing, and buying high-quality pictures has never been simpler.

The easy integration enables PageCloud clients to browse through over 200 million share pictures straight from inside the PageCloud program.

On top of that, before committing to a purchase, clients may leverage PageCloud’s radical drag and drop functionality to style and position that the watermarked images to make certain they match the site’s design.

It is essential to be aware that PageCloud’s exceptional capability to edit and store watermarked pictures isn’t provided by other site building programs.

After a picture is bought at the discounted rate of $5, then PageCloud automatically replaces the watermarked model together with the high-resolution picture.

To optimize efficiency, PageCloud preserves the specific styling and position of this picture whilst automatically optimizing the dimensions, allowing the picture to load quickly on each device and enhance the client’s site performance in hunt.

This innovative process radically reduces time wasted in resizing, downloading, styling, and replacing pictures inside a website.

New picture features
“Stunning graphics will be the backbone of every fantastic layout, and our partnership with all Shutterstock is an added step towards a much more beautiful internet. And the timing could not be better; together with the current launch of numerous image-focused features, we’re eager to find that the one of a kind websites our customers will produce!”

However, it does not end there; the PageCloud staff is hard at work creating new and enhanced picture sliders, gallery alternatives and a totally redesigned user interface for handling images.

These new features, along with PageCloud’s partnership with Shutterstock, provides users a range of choices when seeking to construct a personalized site without code.


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