11 Unique Nonprofit & Charity Website Designs [2018 Edition]

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Are you trying to find a little inspiration to construct or refresh your nonprofit site?

You have come to the perfect location.

But before we exhibit All of the eye-catching layouts, it is important to highlight some Important statistics That May influence How You Consider Your site:

There are over 1.5 million registered nonprofits from the U.S. alone
2.39percent of nonprofits accounts for 90 percent of total reported earnings
84 percent of contribution landing pages which aren’t optimize for cellular
(34 percent increase in conversion speed on sites optimized for cellular )
37 percent of nonprofits do not send any email within 30 days of signup
There’s a good deal of competition online, which means that your site should be noticed. Possessing the exact same generic WordPress template because everyone else simply will not cut it. You have to construct something special to your company.
The earnings gap between large and tiny charities is enormous. This radically impacts the budgets geared towards marketing and building a site. Small businesses typically must use a web site builder and make it .
Your site has to be optimized for cellular. Period.
Using a newsletter signup on your own site is inadequate. You will need to follow along with nurture your readers.
To highlight a number of those points, let us take a peek at a few of the greatest nonprofit and charity sites on the internet today.


Why this Is a Good layout

Simple to read fonts, vivid colours, and ample spacing make this website a joy to browse.
Well thought-out menu tags and call-to-actions that invite individuals to become involved with the charity. Page does an wonderful job describing the value of the trigger using emphasized titles, icons, and effective imagery.
When you scroll down some of those subpages, the primary menu design changes to just showcase the principal call-to-action. This entices people to do it whilst learning about the base.
The website does an superb jobGreat job offering numerous contribution choices so that people are able to provide their support in various ways.
Things we believe could be enhanced

“Get our mails” is inadequate. As an instance,here should just be a brief text snippet linking to the complete posts rather than getting the whole post observable on the primary page. This generates unlimited scroll.
Why this Is a Good layout

Each of the names and figures have big typography that makes them stand out and simple to read.
The baby blue colour is always utilized to emphasize the call-to-actions and concentrate the users focus because they scroll through the website.
The types are designed nicely making it simple for people to do it.
Things we believe could be enhanced

The associated pictures and videos need to open in a new tab. When users are sent straight to Instagram, then they are not as likely to convert on the home website.
Even though the website has an SSL certificate, the webpage rules ought to be installed to force HTTPS.
On the primary page, the”Our apps” boxes have a fantastic place effect, but do not link to the appropriate page . This really is a UX problem.
Why this Is a Superb layout

The very clean layout is a fantastic example of how less can be when it comes to internet design.
Different links and sections make the website very simple to navigate.
The high quality icons and images used help clarify things quicker than text.
The powerful call to act on the newsletter will do a fantastic job describing what to expect and why you need to register.
Things we believe could be enhanced

A connected logo is adequate for bringing people back to the site. A darker overlay could happen to be a much better option.
The footer’s layout is somewhat off; it may be utilized to prioritize specific components and make them easier to locate.
Why this Is a Superb layout

The only page layout provides multiple segments to display all of the appropriate information, reducing the amount of navigation required.
To help draw visitors’ attention, each section is exceptional, but still provides a solid amount of consistency at the gorgeous graphics, colours, fonts and emphasized call-to-actions.
Social evidence: the company efficiently communicates backing from renowned actors, along with awards and recognition for filmmaking.
Things we believe could be enhanced

Every site should offer a safe connection. This is particularly true for sites which request personal information and obligations, such as nonprofits!
Update your own website! There’s not been any NEWS because 2015. In case the website is no longer busy, redirect it into a primary website to cut the confusion.
The primary navigation is somewhat active. Look at trimming down it and having your principal call-to-action at the upper right corner.
Why this Is a Superb layout

Gorgeous images that actually catch the beauty of the world and that tie to the WWF’s mission. You wont find any stock pictures here.
Straightforward navigation. Though this website contains over 10,000 pages, there are just a couple simple menu tags with applicable dropdowns
Multiple contribution alternatives for each and every user-type: purchase goods, make one-time contributions, make monthly gifts, etc..
Things we believe could be enhanced

Multiple subdomains with many different navigation fashions; we realize that the website is quite big, but this inconsistency produces a bad user-experience. There are more than 10 distinct methods to support the base. It may be beneficial to have a transparent, generic call-to-action, such as”MAKE A DIFFERENCE” and then describe the advantages on this page. The handwritten kind allows you to feel like the tales were composed by the kids benefiting from the charity.
Utilization of strong graphics, videos, and replicate throughout.
Easy, high contrasting segment so users do not get lost.
Things we believe could be enhanced

The overlaid text onto a few pictures is really hard to read; the layout needs more comparison or better orientation.
Logos at the base of the homepage ought to be decreased in proportion, since they don’t match with the remainder of the plan.

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