A Tribute to a Great Tournament

Social Bookmarking 101

June 10, 2015

Social bookmarking can be super awesome for generating traffic to your site!

It’s free. It’s easy. Millions of people can be reached. But it’s one of those things that you definitely have to be careful about how you do it.

You need to actually research social bookmarking sites and figure out how to navigate them and become a part of the ‘crowd’.

To do that, you’re going to first need to take a look at some actual social bookmarking sites. Some of the top ones include:

  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
  • Delicious

The list really does go on and on with these sites, but for the sake of what we are trying to accomplish, let’s stick with these for now (seriously they can be time consuming, because first you find something cool, which leads you to something else cool, an SEO pop-up grabs your attention, which leads you to something else, and then next thing you know, its 7 pm and you started at 9 am and that’s just bad)…..anyway, first things first, you need to grab a profile on each of those sites. It’s absolutely necessary for any of this to work.

Then, and I recommend setting a timer here, dig in to what the community is all about. Research some of the tags and categories that you find. Look at what is posted, what is being received well, and what is being ignored.

Once you have a good idea of what the community is like, then go ahead and make an actual business profile. You will use both, obviously, but for the sake of branding, it’s a really good idea to have both set up and ready to go.

Make sure both profiles are complete as well. All information that can be filled out, should. Because this gives the site and it’s users a good idea of who you are as well as what your business is about.

Also, upload some bookmarks on the profiles. After all, that really is the point of a social bookmarking site.

NOW comes the fun part….networking (yay!). Look, networking on these sites is generally much more fun than networking in person. Typically because you are usually sharing book marks back and forth and that’s about as far as it goes.

The best way to network, is to really research who is going to be in your network. You are going to want to find industry leaders in your niche (makes sense, eh?). Youre also going to want to cross reference other social networking sites that you are on, and see if any of those friends and followers are on your new site as well. It’s safe to assume that if these people want to follow you on one site, they are going to be ok with following you on others.

So then, find your competitors. Seems crazy, but find them. Then, find their followers. You’re going to want them in your network as well. Not the competitors, persay, but their followers. If someone is your direct competitor, offering the same stuff you are, and these people like their product, they may like yours as well (hopefully, even more so than the others).

Once youre done with all of that, take a look at the followers that you have and scope out some of the people that follow them. Odds are, you may be interested in some of them as well (lets be honest, we tend to like and hang out with people who are like minded).

THEN engage all of these new people! Seriously, be interesting and informative when you comment on their stuff. Don’t spam them. For the love of everything, don’t spam them. Spamming will get noticed QUICK in these communities and will get you laughed out and ignored.

Make sure you are having a good time doing it. Set out to learn something new. And read just as much as you type on there. Stick to those basics and you should see some great targeted traffic heading your way. Let me know how you are doing.

Anyway, I am way off-topic now, let’s get back to golf.

Golf Course Heroics

May 2, 2015

We spend almost every friday and sunday at the golf course a mile from our house. We are either out on the green golfing or in the little lobby of the golf house watching golf on television. It may not sound exciting to anyone who is not into sports but to us it is a great way to relax, unwind and prepare ourselves for another week of tough work. The owners of this golf place know our group very well and will sometimes invite us over to watch tournaments or just to have a nice Sunday brunch or something to that effect.

However, one Sunday afternoon we were all sitting around the lobby of the golf house chatting away with the owners when one of our friends decided that we should play a nine hole before we depart. We all agreed although we were tired from having to work all week and we had picked up an extra shift on Saturday as well. We all grabbed our clubs and walked out to the first hole. The game went as usual.

Well, usual for us. As we are all such good friends, we typically focus more on talking than on playing, so it usually takes us a little bit of extra time to make it through even just nine holes. Anyways, we were putting on the fifth hole and our dear friend putted his golf ball but just barely missed the hole. He walked over to the ball and stopped, looking down into the hole. We were still talking with each other and not really paying much attention until he hollered at us. We turned around to see him reaching a hand into the hole.

We were bewildered and confused until he pulled his hand back out and in it rested a little duckling. We mean this baby duck was tiny and somehow it had wandered away from its family and had fallen into the fifth hole. One of the ladies in our group happens to be a veterinarian so as we all crowded around to get a chance to see it, she thoroughly examined the poor thing to make sure it was okay.

Besides a tiny scratch on its foot, the duckling was unscathed. It had just been stuck in the hole for who knows how long, poor thing. We abandoned our game and escorted the duckling over to the pond a little ways off of the course. We scoured the area but we could not find any signs of other ducklings or really of any ducklings at all. The veterinarian in our group had offered to take it back to her clinic the next day, but as we were trudging back toward our clubs we noticed that there was something else on the green. We guess when we had come up to the hole, we had scared off the rest of the duck’s family because when we returned, the mama duck was next to the hole with the rest of her babies trailing behind.

We were shocked that we had found the family, and our friend set down the duckling and it waddled over to it’s mother and siblings and they all waddled off together. We sat for a little bit and watched to make sure no other babies fell into the whole. We basically called the game over after that. We guessed we had been successful enough for one day!

Contact me if you have any questions.

Sport of the Sea

May 2, 2015

While, yes, we are fanatics and experts of the great sport of golf, we do in fact have other interests. Crazy I know! We recently (meaning in the past few years) took a trip to the Caribbean where we tried our hand at sailing for the first time! It was absolutely incredible and after our first go, we spent the rest of the week basically just doing that. Since that amazing vacation, it has been a hobby of ours to travel to the coast (since we only live about an hour and half out) and go sailing.

During our first trip, we were not entirely sure what we were doing since this was our first time without an instructor but we had bought a sailboat and decided to learn how on our own. Naturally we took a few dips in the ocean that first day, but five hours and a nice sunburn later, we were starting to look pretty natural at it.

The next trip we brought a couple of church friends who had expressed some interest and decided to make a day of it. We packed a picnic and drove to the beach. We had lunch on the pier and began sailing. Our boat could hold two or three at a time so some people would go while the rest of us sat on the shore playing in the sand or just relaxing under an umbrella. It was so satisfying to be near the ocean and hear the waves on the beach and feel the spray of the ocean water on your face. It was one of those trips that I never wanted to end.

Between loving our new hobby and enjoying the blissful company of good friends. We wished the day would never end. But it got to be too dark and we were forced to pack everything up, dock the boat and brave the trip back home. Like we said, we don’t live very far from the beach at all, so a few weeks later, one of our friends approached us asking if we could spend another saturday at the beach. We of course very quickly agreed and this time, the entire golf club tagged along.

One of the other men in the group owned a sail boat as well so we could have two groups on the water at once. Then we had a good number of people relaxing on the beach so we started playing sand volleyball. This was something none of us had really tried before and it was fun to watch all of our friends who are at least sort of athletic and definitely good at golf, fail at volleyball. half of the time we did not even play by the rules but just sort of tossed the ball back and forth, dove for it when it was not even necessary, and hit the ball into the water more times than we can count.

We can hardly think of a better way to spend the weekend than golf club on friday night and a day at the beach ons Saturday. And trust us when we say that the hardest thing we had to do after that was waking up to go to work the next Monday morning!

Welcome to our website!

April 21, 2015

We were captivated by the 2009 US Women’s Open.

What an amazing tournament it was. We had front row seats to watch Eun-Hee Ji battle it out on the green to stay in the lead. Now we are golf fanatics and sailing fanatics but this golf tournament was fantastic! It really was something to behold.

We want to know who else out there happens to also be fans of the great sport of golf?! I (Fiona) first became a fan when my mother signed me up to start taking golfing lessons when I was ten. She had been a golfing star back in her high school and early college years before decided to quit to pursue a career in medicine. So, I became her pride and joy and she live vicariously through me in my younger years. I quit competing once I got to college but never really lost my love of the sport. I am still active in a ladies golf club that meets every sunday after church for brunch and golf. That is a true sport that I really will never grow tired of. But this 2009 Women’s Open was an incredible game with an upset from Ji on the 72nd hole. It was quite the spectacle.

Now that we are out of school we have opportunities to do much more golfing for fun outside of our routine work schedule, as we mentioned before there is the ladies golfing club and also a town golfing club as well that meets friday nights to take a trip out on the green and shoot around a little bit. It is nothing nearly as intense as an actual professional game of course, but we are all pretty good and pretty competitive. Although we don’t play for anything the occasional bet will be made, loser has to buy drinks that night or something to that extent. We have met most of the friends in our social group through the great sport of golf and we thoroughly enjoy going out and relaxing on the green after a hard weeks work. We want to know what you think! Are you a golf fan? Did you watch the glorious 2009 Women’s Open golf tournament (I surely hope so)?

Please let us know what you think!

Also we want to add that we love golf and are pretty open to discussion although it can lead to some heated debate. We just ask that when engaging in discussion with others to keep it civil! Trust us! We know how it is to be an active an passionate sports fan, however that does not entitle you to be rude to someone else who may not share your opinion! Thank you all for being so amazing and cooperative! We hope you have a positively delightful rest of the day! Go golf in peace!